Locating the best equipment, parts and tyres for heavy farming

Axis Industrial Tyres on 3 June 2015

Wodonga is one of Victoria’s fastest growing cities. It's strategically located halfway between Sydney and Melbourne, making it a hub for agriculture, manufacturing and rural services.

Farming is big business in Wodonga and the surrounding country. Although manufacturing is Wodonga’s biggest industry, it’s the agriculture producers who provide the primary ingredients for this booming billion dollar economy.

When agriculture stops, so does the Wodonga economy. At Axis Industrial Tyres, we aim to support the heavy agriculture industry and keep Wodonga moving by providing high quality tyre products for tractors and agricultural equipment.

But we can’t support Wodonga alone! So we put together this simple guide to some of the best services for heavy agricultural equipment and training in Wodonga.

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Agricultural Equipment and Services in Wodonga


farmtech wodonga

Agriculture is an industry that is always changing. Not so long ago it took a whole family to just to tend to a few acres. These days -- thanks to modern heavy farming equipment -- agriculture is easily managed with the use of machines. Really big machines.

When it comes to farm equipment and tractor accessories, you should trust the agriculture experts. For over 40 years, FarmTech have been servicing the Wodonga heaving farming sector with the latest in agricultural equipment.

Whether you need to wrap bales, seed the fields or spray crops, FarmTech are the home of innovative and efficient agricultural equipment.


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When agriculture equipment breaks down, so does the farm. Having a reliable and well established repair service is like having a good insurance policy for your agricultural equipment.

Mirtschin AG repairs are one such reliable service located in Wodonga. The repair workshop is headed by Stuart Mirtschin, who has over 35 years’ experience in servicing all kinds of agriculture equipment, including tractors, hay equipment and hydraulics.


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Some of the best assets on the farm are not the tractors or the agriculture equipment, it’s the skills of the workers. Upgrading skills in heavy farming is just as essential as regular maintenance of agriculture equipment.

Wodonda TAFE is a trusted local institution which provides the essential service of educating to the local community. Wodonga TAFE offers training for a number of farm vehicle skills, as well as training in wider skills in agribusinesschemical licensing and agriculture.


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You could have the biggest and best tractor in the world, but it is useless without a good set of tyres. When it comes to agriculture tyres, you need to be certain that they have been expertly matched to suit heavy farming conditions.

At Axis Industrial Tyres we are the Wodonga agent for quality BKT agriculture tyres. Our in house tyre fitting service is well equipped to supply, fit and repair tyres for tractors, harvesting equipment, Quad bikes and more.

Find out more about agricultural tyres here or call us on 1300 551 001. We will be happy to help.