A small change can make a big difference to your forklift's performance

Axis Tyres on 9 May 2018

Choosing the right tyres can do wonders for your forklift. It's not just about the brand and quality of your forklift's tyres. You may be surprised to know that most forklifts can have different types of tyres fitted to them.

By changing the tyres fitted to your forklift, you can drastically improve its performance at work. Your forklift may be able to have cushion or pneumatic tyres fitted to it. The decision to change tyres can be influenced by many factors including, poor tyre performance or, a change in your forklift's work environment.

So if your forklift is underperforming, it may be time for a change. Why waste money on multiple cushion tyre replacements when a stronger and more long-term solution is available? Installing pneumatic tyres may just be the solution to your forklift's performance issues.

Can I install pneumatic tyres on my forklift?

pnuematic forklift tyre

In most cases, it is possible to replace your forklift's cushion tyres with pneumatic tyres. Before switching tyres, you must ensure your new replacements have the same tyre size. You will find that your forklift is only designed to fit one specific tyre size.

As long as your new pneumatic tyres measure the same size as your previous ones, there shouldn't be any issues with operating your forklift. It's also important that you observe the load rating of your new pneumatic tyres. The load rating must be the same as your previous tyres to ensure your forklift is capable of carrying the same load it could before.

Why you may need pneumatic tyres

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There can be many benefits to getting pneumatic tyres installed on your forklift. Pneumatic tyres are primarily designed for outdoor use. So installing them will enable your forklift to operate better in areas such as a yard, which typically has an uneven surface.

Pneumatic tyres are a great option for forklifts that need to run on smooth and uneven surfaces. A perfect example of this could be a forklift that's used to lift and manoeuvre stock inside and outside of a warehouse.

Your forklift may operate well on the factory's cement floor, but how well does it manoeuvre around the yard when it's time to move things outside? If you find yourself operating your forklift on a surface that its tyres aren't designed for, then there are two main issues you need to consider.

The first issue is whether or not your forklift's tyres are wearing out faster due to the extra stress they were not designed to endure. The second issue is whether or not your forklift is safe enough to drive under the adverse conditions your cushion tyres are not designed to handle.

Pneumatic tyres offer more traction on uneven surfaces. After installation, you'll have better control while operating outside. The shock of hitting a pothole can be dangerous for a solid cushion forklift carrying a heavy load. There is little 'give' in the tyre. With more control on uneven surfaces, your forklift will be safer to drive outside with pneumatic tyres installed.

Why choose Axis?

Axis Tyres have supplied and installed forklift tyres for a long time in Australia. With unrivalled experience and expertise, you'll be amazed by the level of service our tyre installation specialists can provide.

We understand how important it is to find a tyre that matches your forklift's specifications and usage. The right choice of pneumatic tyres can drastically improve your forklift's performance.

Pneumatic tyres can provide your forklift with a safer operating solution that can help eliminate workplace hazards before any incidents occur. We guarantee we'll find you a great set of replacement tyres to get your forklift operating at optimum capacity.

With our on site tyre fitting service, it's never been easier to convert your forklift's pneumatic tyres to cushion tyres. Our mobile fitting trucks are capable of pressing tyres on your work site. Simply contact our service team to book a pneumatic tyre fitting service.

For more information about forklift tyre fittings, call the Axis team on 1300 826 046.