Everything you need to know about cheap solid tyres

Axis Industrial Tyres on 19 February 2016

Keeping costs to a minimum is important for any business. To reduce costs, industrial businesses that require the use of a forklift may consider opting for cheaper tyres. However, there are more factors to consider than just the price of the tyres when calculating the overall cost of the purchase.

Before you opt for cheap solid tyres, make sure you consider all the details to ensure you're making a sound investment for your equipment.

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Cheap forklift tyres: What you need to know

Buying cheap solid tyres is appealing for an obvious reason: the initial cost is lower than buying high-quality tyres. Prices vary drastically depending on the condition, quality and type of tyre. You may able to find low-quality or used forklift tyres for below the price of quality tyres, but the reality is that used tyres are likely to be damaged or worn out.

Cheap forklift tyres that are brand new are of lower quality construction to reduce the cost of production. The low-quality construction of cheap solid tyres causes the following issues:

  • Narrower tyre using less rubber
  • Less stability
  • Two-stage compound
  • Harsher ride
  • Faster wear rate

The hidden costs of cheap forklift tyres

The reality is that buying cheap forklift tyres is risky and will likely end up costing you more in the long run than if you buy high-quality tyres. Cheap solid tyres will wear out faster and need to be replaced more often. Not only does this increase the cost per hour of the tyres but it also means more downtime while the tyres are being replaced. "Cheap" forklift tyres end up costing you more than high-quality tyres.

Advantages of high-quality forklift tyres

Although high-quality tyres have a higher initial cost, they will last longer and survive rigorous usage much better than cheap solid tyres. When you calculate the tyre life against the purchase price and take downtime into consideration, high-quality tyres end up saving you money in the long run.

High-quality tyres have better construction and features, including:

  • Wider footprint
  • Better stability
  • Three-stage compound
  • Less rolling resistance
  • Better comfort
  • Better traction

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These features mean that high-quality tyres will enable you to run a forklift for long hours, even if it's 18 hours per day, 7 days per week.

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