Everything you need to know about cheap skidsteer tyres

Axis Industrial Tyres on 29 March 2016

A primary concern for businesses is keeping costs to a minimum. One way to accomplish this is to spend less on skidsteer tyres; however, this is not as simple as buying cheaper tyres. The cost of skidsteer tyres should be calculated with reference to the entire life of the tyre, not just the initial purchase price.

Whether you need pneumatic tyres or solid tyres, ensure you make a sound investment in your equipment by considering all the factors that determine the value of skidsteer tyres, not just the price.

Consider all the factors that determine the value of skidsteer tyres, not just the price.

Cheap skidsteer tyres: What you need to know

The two options for buying cheap Bobcat tyres are to either buy secondhand tyres or low-quality tyres. Buying secondhand tyres comes with obvious risks, even if the tyre was high-quality when it was new. It will likely be damaged or worn out and the seller may not be completely honest about its condition.

Cheap tyres that are brand new are likely to be of low-quality construction. Manufacturers are able to sell these tyres for a low price because they cut corners in the construction of the tyres, making them cheaper to produce.

Cheap Bobcat Tyres

Whether the tyres are pneumatic or solid, poor quality materials and construction mean that they will wear out or get punctured much more quickly than high-quality tyres.

Cheap Bobcat tyres have the following problems:

  • Thin sidewalls on pneumatic tyres
  • Two-stage compound on solid tyres
  • Narrower tyres using less rubber
  • Less stability
  • Faster wear rate

The hidden cost of cheap skidsteer tyres

Although the initial purchase price of cheap skidsteer tyres may be lower than that of high-quality tyres, the overall cost could end up being higher. When calculating the value of a purchase, it is important to consider how long the product will last to determine the cost per hour (CPH) over its lifespan. Since high-quality tyres will last longer than cheap tyres, they will likely end up costing less in the long run because they have a lower CPH.

The advantages of high-quality skidsteer tyres

Although high-quality skidsteer tyres may have a higher initial purchase price, they offer better value for money because of their longer lifespan and superior construction. Purchasing high-quality skidsteer and bobcat tyres is an investment in your equipment that will payoff by reducing vehicle downtime.

Cheap Skidsteer Tyres

High-quality skidsteer tyres have the following features and benefits:

  • High-quality compounds with a blend of silica and natural rubber for chip and tear resistance
  • Self-cleaning and stone ejector technology
  • Thick sidewalls for improved puncture resistance
  • Deep tread designed for better traction
  • Specialised directional tyres, labelled left and right

Why choose Axis Industrial Tyres?

Axis Industrial Tyres is committed to keeping your machines moving and reducing downtime to the minimum. We have over twenty years of industry experience with skidsteer and industrial tyres.

We provide our customers with:

  • On-road fitters – Our technicians can have your new tyres fitted within 30 minutes of arriving at your site, keeping downtime to a minimum.
  • Shipping within 24 hours of ordering – We will process and ship your order within 24 hours of receiving it, all across Australia.
  • Free fleet inspection – We can inspect all your vehicles and inform you of when the tyres are due for replacement so you can budget accordingly.

For a quote on high-quality skidsteer tyres, call Axis on 1300 551 001.