The best prospects for off the road mining vehicles

Axis Tyres on 18 April 2019

Off the road tyres for mining operations

As the largest industrial vehicles in Australia, mining vehicles require dependable tyres. These special off the road (OTR) tyres need to handle the pressures, conditions and extreme usage of operations in the mining industry.

The most prevalent types of off the road tyres for mining are:

  • Heavy duty forklift tyres: useful in mines for lifting material and moving over uneven ground.

  • Solid skid steer and pneumatic heavy duty skid steer tyres: applied to heavy vehicles in a variety of industrial applications to decrease vehicle downtime.

  • Speciality tyres: tyres that perform special roles in mining operations, specifically when working underground or transporting personnel.

Need the perfect tyre for your mining operation? Axis Tyres have a range of heavy duty OTR tyres that will suit any application, terrain and site. Get in touch with our expert team for advice on which tyre is the right fit for you.

1. Forklift tyres

pneumatic forklift typres

Most forklift tyres will fit most forklifts. However, not all forklift tyres are suitable for mining applications. To withstand the high usage and adverse conditions of mining operations around Australia, forklift tyres need to be stable and resilient.

Bias Ply Pneumatic Forklift Tyres

To move over uneven ground with confidence, off the road pneumatic forklift tyres will do the job. These tyres have been developed for heavy duty use in a variety of conditions, especially in industrial environments.

  • An extra-wide cross-ply or diagonal tread structure offers increased stability and traction.
  • Reinforced side treads protect against side impacts from other vehicles, stones and debris.
Steel Radial Construction Pneumatic Tyres

Suitable for harsh industrial conditions, these tyres are robust, sturdy and guarantee optimal performance. Off the road construction tyres have many low-impact applications in mines.

  • Sturdy treading and sidewalls offers unmatched resistance to damage and rupturing.
  • While they are suitable for mining, their stability can suffer beneath heavy loads.

2. Skid steer tyres

skid steer tyres

Ideal for skid steer vehicles like Bobcats, loaders and dozers, skid steer tyres suit a range of mining applications. Originally developed for construction, these off the road tyres offer stability on many rough surfaces.

Basic Skid Steer Tyres

Basic skid steer tyres are entry-level OTR tyres for skid steer vehicles. They are versatile and offer the smoothest possible cab ride in small sized mine vehicles.

  • Skid steer tyres allow for the widest variety of applications on a mining site, from shifting earth, to moving equipment, to construction.

  • Basic skid steer models are unsuitable for heavy duty applications, like working underground.

Solid Skid Steer Tyres

more resilient version of skid steer models, solid skid steer tyres are high quality and cost effective. They are an all-round solution for industrial applications like landscaping, construction and mining.

  • Their innovative design allows for self-cleaning, stone ejection and fast assembly.

  • Advanced traction and high quality compounds mean that the tyres have a greater lifespan.

Switching from basic skid steer tyres to solid skid steer tyres is easy. All solid skid tyre models have specially designed rims to allow an easy transition between the two styles.

Pneumatic Heavy Duty Tyres

These are the most durable members of the skid steer tyre family. Pneumatic skid steer tyres are designed to increase the lifespan of off the road tyres, meaning that heavy duty jobs can continue unhindered.

  • There's less chance of punctures and vehicle downtime with a tread depth of 40mm, as opposed to 18mm of regular skid steer tyres.

  • A vast range of tyres will suit many applications, including rough surface travel and heavy lifting.

3. Speciality Tyres

specialised tyres

More often than not, mining operations need special equipment to get the job done. Speciality tyres have been developed to meet industry-specific standards that other off the road tyres cannot handle.

Underground Mining Structure (UMS)

UMS treads are tread patterns developed to support exactly what their name dictates - underground mining vehicles and their associated operations.

  • UMS tyres features a specially designed tread and rubber compounds to increase traction and operator comfort.

  • Their airless design means no maintenance and little downtime is required.

Personnel Carrier/Shuttle Tyres

Getting personnel to and from site is an essential process for any mining operation. Do so in safety and comfort with specially designed tyres for personnel carrying vehicles.

  • Airless and puncture proof, these tyres will get your employees on site in a timely and safe manner.

  • H-style and F-style treads offer different comfort levels and wearing capabilities based on the ground being covered.

If you're seeking the perfect off the road tyre for your mining operation, look for further than Axis Tyres. Our team has decades of industry experience advising, fitting and fixing tyres for mining applications. See our range of OTR tyres or get in touch today.