Let the right skid steer tyres super charge productiveity and ensure safety

Axis Tyres on 21 November 2018

Are you looking to replace your existing tyres and enhance your skid steer performance while you're at it? If you work in the construction industry, then chances are you have worked with skid steer tyres on your machine already.

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What are skid steer tyres?

Skid steer tyres are a high-quality tyre designed for construction work, roadwork, and recycling and waste operations. Depending on the skid steer tyre you choose for your machine, the tyres will have deep treads and sidewalls to give them traction on varied surfaces, as well as longer lifespans for their drivers.

Skid steer tyres come in a solid skid steer tyre and pneumatic skid steer tyre. The solid skid steer tyre is the more resilient of the two and will last longer before needing replacement, which affords it a more expensive price point.

Types of skid steer tyres

When choosing skid steer tyres for your bobcat or mini loader, there is a choice between solid skid steer tyres and pneumatic skid steer tyres. Solid is more resilient and has a longer lifespan, pneumatic is cheaper but does not last as long. Once you've chosen the right skid steer tyre for your machine, you can then decide on tyre design and pattern.

Solid skid steer tyres feature an innovative design with a deep tread pattern groove for aggressive traction, better slip resistance, directional tyres, and stone ejector technology. It also has terraces which make use of self-cleaning technology, as well as a heavy duty wheel that makes this assembly a worthwhile choice.

Skid steer tyres come in three patterns: F Pattern, U Pattern, and P Pattern. Find out more about our skid steer tyre brands.

Solid skid steer tyres are as follows:

PatternF PatternU PatternP Pattern
Tread Characteristics             

Direction tread providing maximum traction

Excellent shock absorption

Disposal of mud/water

Smooth tread providing excellent steering ability

High temperature resistance and durability

Semi-directional tread providing good traction

High load capacity

Disposal of mud/water

skidsteer tyres3

Pneumatic skid steer tyres are as follows:

PatternBKT Skid HDBKT Sure Trax HDBKT Jumbo Trax HD
Tread characteristics             

Widewall tyre with sidewall and rim guard protectors

Meant for value-conscious yet performance orientated applications

Tread compound for excellent life on paved/other hard surfaces

Designed to maintain broadest contact surface and maximum gripping

Premium depth tread for higher life on paved, tarmac, and hard surfaces

Extra tread depth and sturdier blocks

Chip and tear resistance

Thick sidewall with rim guard

bobcat tyres2

Consider the type of environment in which you need to operate your skid steer tyres and the pressure that your bobcat and mini loader typically work under.

Axis Tyres have been providing skid steer tyres to industries across Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth for a long time; give us a call on 1300 551 001 to find out which skid steer tyres are right for your operation.

When to use skid steer tyres

Skid steer tyres are used on mini-loaders and bobcats, as these machines navigate through rough surfaces in construction work, roadwork, and recycling and waste operations. These operations typically recycle materials such as iron, steel, glass, and wood, therefore hardier tyres are required to navigate such environments.

Landscaping, demolition, mining, and utility industries also work with bobcat tyres and skid steer tyres, given the rough and volatile surfaces of these sites.

Skid steer provides a good compromise between high-quality compounds and cost effectiveness. This is a pragmatic solution for landscaping, construction, demolition, mining, and utility industries, where frequent pneumatic punctures and machine stresses result in machine downtime.

Things to consider regarding skid steer tyres

Solid skid steer tyres vs Pneumatic skid steer tyres

Pneumatic skid steer tyres are more affordable than solid skid steer tyres, although they do not have the same longevity and will need to be changed out more frequently. Most bobcat and mini loader machines will need a third party to come and change out the skid steer tyres, which may be a cost to your business.

Safety to your employees

skid steer tyres melbourne

The high quality of skid steer tyres allows its drivers to be measured in their operations and conduct work safely in worksites that are volatile. Poor quality tyres on your bobcat and mini loader machines will not allow you to work as effectively, and the lack of deep groove wheel design and slip resistance may result in an accident involving employees.

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