Axis Tyres on 23 November 2017

Find out what advantages TY solid tyres have over others.

In every industry, there are certain brands and products that stand out, and the tyre industry is no exception.

There are a number of risks to buying industrial tyres, but when you choose TY Cushion Tire, you are assured of the best quality around. That means half the battle is already won, and all you need to worry about is developing the right system for tyre measurements, rotations and replacements.

At Axis, we can give you expert advice about forklift tyres for all kinds of industries. Give us a call on 1300 551 001 today.

The advantages of TY cushion tyre technology

Established in 1958, California-based TY Cushion Tire is a true industry innovator. Their skid-steer tyre line introduced the 'Aperture Structure' solid tyre to the world. Its unique design allows the solid tyre to ride like a regular pneumatic tyre - without the hassle of punctures and premature tyre removal.

Ideal for applications in scrap steel recycling, TY solid tyres also boast a reduced rubber weight which can boost your fuel efficiency by up to 30 per cent. They are recognised as the world's softest riding solid tyre and are ideal for applications in:

  • Recycling/waste deposit
  • Demolition
  • Mining
  • Scrap metal

TY tyres comfortably fit OEM rims and an array of machines including skid-steer and wheel loaders, material handlers and trucks. They have good shock absorption and provide excellent resistance against abrasion and breakage.

Here at Axis, we're passionate about supplying world-class products to Australian businesses, and TY's product range allows us to do so. TY have a proven track record of returning a lower cost per hour than other brands, which allows us to confidently recommend this brand to our customers.

We even enjoy direct access to the TY Cushion Tire factory, which means we can quickly and efficiently resolve any queries or issues you might have.

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How we partner with TY on tyre solutions

When a client approaches our team at Axis with an enquiry about cushion tyres, we know without a doubt that TY solid tyres will live up to their expectations. We organise an on-site visit to check out what sort of solid tyres will be just right for your machines and working environment.

One of the major advantages TY has over other solid OTR tyres is that they offer a range of compounds created to suit a wide variety of applications. Once Axis has completed an on-site visit at your premises, we develop a detailed brief to send to TY's engineers, who reply with tyre pattern and compound recommendations based on the different specifications outlined. We evaluate the information and advice given and put forward a proposal to our clients that is uniquely tailor-made for their situation.

Though this process sounds lengthy, it's remarkably quick. We take our profession seriously and are proud to partner exclusively with the industry's best (including TY Cushion Tire). That means that we're confident of our ability to recommend a particular pattern and compound that is guaranteed to work for you and can help you avoid any business downtime.

Why choose Axis?

Thanks to the versatility of TY Cushion Tire's range and our in-depth knowledge of the tyre industry, we can provide you with the best tyres for both under and overground applications including waste transfer stations, steel and timber yards as well as demolition companies.

Whatever your application, we have you covered with our range of both solid, resilient and pneumatic tyres. We are proud to have an extensive list of valued partners in addition to TY Cushion Tire, including Caterpillar, Dingo, Bobcat and JCB.

As Australia’s forklift tyre experts, we are committed to helping businesses and organisations navigate through the huge range of forklift tyres available on the market - each with their different benefits in specific applications - by providing them with expert advice.

We have been in the industry for a long time and know how to find the right tyres and solutions for either general use or highly specialised applications. As an expert tyre supplier, you will always get the best products and service when you deal with us, as well as knowledgeable advice. We have qualified tyre technicians operating Australia-wide, as well as competitive pricing packages and a long history of service excellence.

For more information on choosing the right tyre for you – or if you have any questions whatsoever regarding tyre maintenance – call our team at Axis on 1300 551 001.