Tips for choosing robust industrial forklift tyres that perform on your site

Axis Tyres on 6 June 2019

Construction industry machinery needs to perform in prolonged and sometimes unforgiving conditions. The forklifts, loaders and the like required to function on site need to be as competent and reliable as the people who operate them. The same is true when choosing industrial tyres for your construction forklifts and machines.

You want forklift tyres that are reliable, safe and durable. While the forklift brands you have will impact on what industrial tyres are appropriate, the environment the tyres will be used in is the crucial consideration.

Industrial tyres for forklifts, skid steers and bobcat outdoor operations have to hold up travelling on uneven and rough surfaces, over debris and be resistant to puncture hazards. You also want your industrial forklift tyres to enable smooth steering and turning, and absorb bumps without disrupting the load.

Here's our advice on how to choose the right industrial forklift tyres for construction

Pneumatic OTR Tyres

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Pneumatic industrial tyres have a thick, deep tread and wear-resistant rubber, as well as steel belting and other materials reinforce the tread. This type of industrial tyre design supports the weight of the forklift itself and specific carrying loads. They are excellent for absorbing road surface shocks and improving forklift manoeuvrability.

The air pressure and tread need to be checked regularly, especially in high use scenarios. You need to make sure you aren’t driving around on flattening or wearing tyres.

Tip: higher air pressure and larger air chambers support carrying higher loads.

Pneumatic tyres are a popular choice for construction and outdoor use because they offer a smooth ride, and can handle high capacity work outputs. They grip well on uneven surfaces and enable easy turning.

Find out more about pneumatic industrial tyres for construction sites.

Skid steer tyres

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Skid steers, bobcats and mini loaders are some of the hardest working, labour saving pieces of equipment on a construction site. Hard working machinery needs a hardworking tyre that can hold up uneven terrain.

Solid resilient skid steer tyres are a good option as they feature deep tread pattern for superior traction when going over piles of dirt and up and down hills. Stone ejector technology prevents sharp stones from embedding in tread surface and potentially compromising the tyre structure. With solid resilient skid steer tyres, you can rely on extended tyre life and less risk of puncturing.

You will usually need industrial tyres with a deeper tread (around 40mm as opposed to the standard 18mm) for your skid steer. Axis Tyres can supply heavy duty skid steer pneumatic or solid resilient tyres to suit bobcat type machines in a range of brands.

Solid resilient tyres

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Solid resilient tyres are a dependable industrial tyre choice and sometimes recommended for construction use forklifts. They are made of solid rubber, making them puncture and flat proof, and less prone to tearing, cracking and chunking.

They are best suited for heavy loaded, slow-moving forklift use. If your construction forklift isn’t going to be flat out all day and only needed for short distances, a solid cushion tyre makes sense.

Solid cushion tyres are generally low maintenance and have the same ride as foam filled tyres but with extra durability - around twice the life expectancy of a pneumatic for example. They boast excellent stability and ample breaking ability.

We recommend and fit industrial forklift tyres for all the leading forklift brands

A matched industrial tyre for the type of work your forklifts, bobcats and skid steers carry out helps keep your machine running safely, with greater efficiency, and less wear and tear. You’ll maximise your tyre’s life span and save money in the long term if you don’t have to replace them regularly.

Trust Axis Tyres for your industrial tyre program. We back up our forklift tyre and their industry application knowledge with competitive pricing to help you get what you need within your budget.

For expert advice on the best industrial forklift tyres for your construction site, get in touch with Axis Tyres.