Axis Industrial Tyres on 22 April 2015

There are many options when it comes to fitting your forklift with tyres. Establishing which tyre you need based on your operating conditions and load size – whether it’s solid, pneumatic, non-marking, or another from our range – is the place to start.

We offer a variety of brands which allows us to help match the best performing tyre to your application and budget.

Which brand of tyre will fit your forklift? Which is the most suitable option, enabling the best outcome for your operation requirements?

We've compiled a matrix matching our top tyre brands with popular forklift brands they will fit, to ensure your next tyre purchase is a smooth one.

Tyre Brands

The Numa and Tantor brands are built tough to withstand harsh industry conditions. These solid resilient tyres will help avoid downtime due to their high load-carrying capacity and puncture proof durability. Numa tyres are also available in non-marking and cushion press-on.

Kumaneko tyres have been imported into Australia for many years and have become a trusted brand across several industries; Tong Yong solid tyres are also a trusted import and have a size range from the smallest forklift up to the largest waste yard loaders.

forklift tyre brands matrix

TY Cushion Tyres are assorted in style to suit a large range of machines and operating functions within various industries. As you can see from the matrix, it is one of our more versatile tyres, fitting many different forklift brands. TY Cushion Tyres can be manufactured in various compounds to suit your site specific requirements.

BKT pneumatic skidsteer tyres have a deep 40mm tread which makes them perfect for bobcats working on rough terrains such as scrap yards or recycling operations. View your options here to figure out which is best suited to your workplace.

Polyurethane press-on tyres are made to order for suitable forklift brands according to your specification requirements.

pneumatic skidsteer tyres

You can trust Axis Industrial Tyres to help you find the right tyre for the job. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs.

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