What to do with your unneeded forklift tyres.

Axis Industrial Tyres on 18 April 2017

Don't forget about disposing of old forklift tyres correctly when you get new tyres for your machines. Here's what you need to know at a glance:

  • Old forklift tyres need to be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way
  • Disposal of waste tyres is regulated by the Environment Protection Authority (EPA)
  • Your tyre supplier may dispose of your old tyres for you

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about industrial tyre disposal and recycling.

Forklift tyre supply and disposal

The easiest way to dispose of your old forklift tyres is to choose a tyre supplier who will take your old tyres and dispose of them at the same time as delivering and fitting your new tyres.

If you prefer DIY tyre disposal, you need to find an EPA approved disposal or recycling facility. Old industrial tyres need to be disposed of in an environmentally responsible way. According to the EPA, they must be stored or recycled by licensed facilities.


Axis will supply new tyres and dispose of old tyres

At Axis, we can deliver your new tyres to your premises and fit them on your machines. Not only that, but we can also take your unneeded forklift tyres away with us and dispose of them for you.

For more information, get in touch with our team.


The importance of tyre recycling

In Australia, around 50 million tyres reach the end of their lifespan every year. Of that number, only about 5% get recycled. While most of the used tyres in Australia are from cars, we still cannot overlook the impact of used industrial tyres.

Tyres can be recycled into a number of useful products, including new road surfaces. If they are not disposed of correctly, they can cause a range of environmental and public safety hazards, including the risk of fires. That's why it's always better to recycle unneeded forklift tyres.

Front of forklift tyres article imageWhen do you need to dispose of old forklift tyres?

The best time to dispose of your old forklift tyres is at the same time as replacing them with new tyres. There's no need to stockpile unneeded forklift tyres to dispose of them in bulk.

Generally speaking, cushion forklift tyres need to be replaced, and the old ones disposed of, when 50% of the tyres have been worn. Cushion tyres typically have a wear line that shows when it is time to replace the tyre.

For pneumatic tyres, you need to pay attention to the tread. Once a significant amount of the tyre tread has been worn, you need to replace the tyre.

You also need to replace any tyres that show signs of damage which could cause the tyre to fail. Warning signs include:

  • Chunking or cracks
  • Flat spots
  • Cuts and tears

Replacing worn out tyres at the correct time is an important safety consideration and will extend the lifespan of your machines.

We have all your tyre needs covered

At Axis, we offer on-site tyre delivery and fitting to minimise vehicle downtime and keep your production moving. We can also dispose of your unneeded forklift tyres, using only EPA approved and licensed facilities.

For more information about our tyre delivery and disposal services, call us on 1300 551 001.