Extend the life of your non-marking forklift tyres

Axis Tyres on 18 April 2019

Non-marking tyres are an excellent solution for reducing tread marks on warehouse floors. Taking proper care of your forklift tyres can benefit your business in many ways. When properly maintained, you can significantly extend the life of your non-marking tyres.

Tyre changeovers can be the cause of costly forklift downtime. Whenever tyres need to be changed over, that's valuable time you'd rather spend operating your forklifts on the factory floor. When your tyres are maintained correctly, you won't have to change them over so frequently.

Non-marking tyre maintenance can also help you save on your business's running costs. When your tyres are being looked after correctly, you won't have to spend so much on new tyre replacements. An extended tyre life will reduce the frequency of tyre replacements and running costs of your forklifts.

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Solid or pneumatic?

Every type of  has its own unique maintenance needs. Each tyre type is designed to operate under certain conditions. A simple and effective maintenance tip is to choose the right type non-marking for your forklift.

Using the wrong type of tyre for your forklift's working conditions is going to wear the tyre out faster. If your tyres have a short operating life, consider swapping out which type of tyre you're using.

Identify the conditions your forklifts operate under and see if your tyres are best suited to them. 

Forklift tyre typeDesigned forBenefitsAttributes


Indoor applications, smooth indoor surfaces

Increased traction on smooth surfaces

Smooth or patterned tread, solid construction


Heavy duty outdoor applications, uneven terrain

Strong grip/traction, increased wear resistance and stability

Patterned tread, air filled

Establish a maintenance schedule

changing forklift tyres

Maintaining your forklift tyres can be as simple as scheduling regular maintenance checks. Work out a schedule with your team to ensure forklifts are checked on a regular basis.

If non-marking tyre maintenance is neglected, your tyres could pose a serious operating hazard to your employees. Damaged tyres can limit the amount of grip and control your forklift drivers have. This lack of stability during operation increases the risk of a workplace incident.

Your team could check the condition of your forklift tyres on a monthly or even weekly basis. Visible warning signs of wear and tear include chunking, cracks, and flat spots. Professional tyre fitters can also be booked to inspect the condition of your forklifts regularly.

Common signs of wear and tear include:


Bits of the forklift tyre have chipped off completely, leaving the tread of the tyre uneven. Often caused by operation on rough terrain.


A tyre can be torn if it rolls over a sharp object. Major tears can lead to a dangerously unbalanced surface tread that affects forklift handling.

Flat spots

Can be caused by misalignment and sharp halts during forklift operation. Identified by individual and uneven bald spots on the tyre's surface.

How often should tyres be checked?

mechanic bolting forklift tyres

Regular non-marking tyre maintenance can help preserve your tyres and help prevent operation hazards. The frequency of your maintenance checks can vary depending on how often you operate your forklift and what type of tyres you use.

A great way to monitor your solid tyres is to pay attention to their safety lines. Once a tyre is worn down to its safety line, it's time to replace it. If your tyre doesn't have a safety line, use the letters on the sidewall as a guide instead.

Correct air pressure levels should be maintained for pneumatic tyres. When your tyres are inflated correctly, they retain their shape and ensure optimum handling conditions. We recommend solid and cushion tyres should be checked once a day for non-marking tyre maintenance.

Talk to Axis about tyre maintenance

Here at Axis, we can help you get the most out of your non-marking forklift tyres. Our tyre fitters are experts in forklift tyre care. Book a tyre service, and our fitters will carry out a professional non-marking tyre maintenance inspection of your forklift tyres.

Our fitters assess the usage of your forklifts before making any recommendations about maintenance and replacements. Tyre inspections and fittings can be booked at a time that suits you to help avoid equipment downtime.

New tyres will only be fitted when needed. We understand how important it is to maintain consistent CPH rates for your forklifts. Arranging regular maintenance with Axis will also ensure that replacement tyres are in stock and ready to go when you need them the most.

So if you're unsure about where to begin with non-marking tyre maintenance, call Axis Tyres first. Our experienced and dedicated tyre fitters can create a maintenance schedule for you.

Not sure how often your tyres should be changed over? Ask an Axis tyre fitter for expert advice.