A buying guide for skid steer tyres and rims

Axis Tyres on 18 December 2017

Bobcat is a leader in industrial skid steers in Australia. And reliable skid steers need tough and reliable skid steer tyres.

This guide will cover how to choose the right skid steer tyres for your Bobcat, including:

  • Our recommendations by model
  • The factors you should consider when making a purchase
  • Pricing guidelines
  • Maintenance requirements

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Recommended Bobcat tyres

Bobcat modelRecommended Bobcat tyre
Bobcat S100 skid steer
  • 27x8.50-15 BKT Skid Power HD
Bobcat S450 skid steer
  • 31x10-16 Tong Young (TY) F Pattern Resilient Solid with Apertures
  • 10-16.5 10Ply BKT Skid Power HD
  • 10-16.5 10Ply BKT Sure Trax HD
  • 10-16.5 10Ply Power Trax HD
  • 10-16.5 10Ply BKT Jumbo Trax HD
  • 10-16.5 12Ply BKT Giant Trax
Bobcat S510 skid steer
  • 31x10-16 Tong Young (TY) F Pattern Resilient Solid with Apertures
  • 10-16.5 10Ply BKT Skid Power HD
  • 10-16.5 10Ply BKT Sure Trax HD
  • 10-16.5 10Ply Power Trax HD
  • 10-16.5 10Ply BKT Jumbo Trax HD
  • 10-16.5 12Ply BKT Giant Trax

Should you choose pneumatic or solid tyres?

The choice between resilient solid and pneumatic skid steer tyres is based on the intended application, site conditions or the personal preference of the operator.

We generally recommend resilient solids over pneumatics because they are a safe, ‘fit and forget’ tyre option. Solid tyres will never puncture and are highly resilient to damage, reducing the volume of downtime for machines operating in tough or varied conditions.

skidsteer tyres

Pneumatic tyres

Key factors to consider when making a purchase

Choosing the right tyre will come down to assessing the primary applications of the skid steer, the general ground conditions it will operate on, and the expected timeframe the machine will be in use.

1. The primary applications of the skid steer

If the primary use of the Bobcat is a hire machine, resilient solid tyres that can withstand mishandling by the operator could be the best tyre choice. Likewise, if the machine is operating in the scrap industry, resilient solid tyres that can withstand high rates of damage is the best investment.

2. The ground conditions

The general ground conditions the Bobcat will operate is another primary factor to consider. For uneven or soft ground conditions, a pneumatic tyre with a large tread void would be our recommendation. This option would provide better traction and performance in these conditions than closed-treaded patterns.

3. The longevity of the machine

The machine will operate under a wide variety of conditions if you intend to keep the machine for an extended period. In these cases, we would recommend choosing a tyre pattern that offers all-round performance in traction, puncture resistance and general wear characteristics.

How much do Bobcat tyres cost?

The cost of Bobcat tyres is usually a function of the quality of the product and the location of the customer. While higher quality tyres will generally come at a higher cost, they offer a range of features:

  • Compounds with a blend of silica and natural rubber for chip and tear resistance (for better cost per hour).
  • Self-cleaning and stone ejector design.
  • Thick sidewalls for puncture resistance and rim guards for extra protection.
  • Deep tread for better traction and performance.
  • Specialised directional tyres, labelled left and right.

Quality tyres will generally last longer and reduce machine downtime, offering a better investment choice for Bobcat operators. For more information about Bobcat tyre prices, refer to our pricing guide.

How often should you change your Bobcat tyres?

Tyre wear on skid steers depends on the general operating conditions of the machine. There is no typical lifespan for Bobcat tyres. The machines move across a wide variety of jobs, each with varied conditions.

As a general rule of thumb, Bobcat tyres ned to be changed every 12 months. In some harsh applications such as the scrap industry, the tyres will wear quickly and will require replacement earlier.

What are the maintenance requirements for Bobcat tyres and rims?

There are virtually no maintenance requirements if the machine is operating on resilient solid tyres. The occasional visual check may be necessary to ensure there is no damage to the wheels and the lock ring is intact and sufficient.

With pneumatic tyres, you should check the inflation pressure weekly. When relocating to a new work site, tyre pressures may require adjustment to suit the new use and ground conditions of the site.

What to look out for in a Bobcat tyre supplier

Getting the best performance from your skid steer is not just about selecting the right Bobcat tyres. You also need to select the right tyre supplier.

When assessing a supplier, consider:

  • The quality of service and advice.
  • The quality of the product and brands.
  • If the supplier offers on-site fitting.
  • The availability of online ordering and shipping.
  • Other services you may need, such as rim exchange.
  • The availability of discounts on bulk ordering.

Speak with an expert for advice on Bobcat tyres and rims

We can recommend and deliver Bobcat tyres and rims to suit the needs of your business and industry. We offer our customers:

  • On-site fitters – Our technicians can have your new tyres fitted within 60 minutes of arriving at your site.
  • Shipping within 24 hours of ordering – We can process and ship your order within 24 hours for delivery Australia-wide.
  • Free fleet inspection – We can inspect your vehicles make expert recommendations to match your budget.

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