Flat proof your forklift tyres and reduce your forklift maintenance costs

Axis Tyres on 25 January 2019

Forklift tyre maintenance should always be a top priority for businesses that use forklifts. Flat proofing your forklift tyres can help your business save on the cost of maintenance and replacements.

There's also the issue of lost productivity in the workplace. If the tyres on your forklifts are constantly bursting under pressure, it can cause massive disruptions to workflow. Not all businesses can afford to cover the costs of equipment downtime.

A tyre specialist can help get your forklift tyre maintenance back on track. Tyre fitters can assess the wear and tear of your forklift tyres. In some cases, it's simply a matter of choosing the right tyre for your forklift. It's simple actions like these which can help flat proof forklift tyres in your workplace.

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Which forklift tyres need flat proofing?

Not all forklift tyres are made the same way. Tyres are designed for specific forklifts, terrains, and tasks. Forklift tyres are generally categorised into two different categories:

  • Pneumatic

  • Solid

Pneumatic tyres provide superior traction and control for your forklifts. These tyres always need to be inflated with air for optimal performance. One of the only downsides of using pneumatic tyres is their lack of resistance to punctures.

In comparison, solid tyres are puncture proof. They don't require constant air pressure to support your forklift. Due to their structure and lack of tread, solid tyres are better suited for indoor use. You'll commonly find them being used on forklifts that operate in warehouses and factories.

With their lack of resistance to punctures, it is worth turning your pneumatic tyres into flat proof forklift tyres. One of the most effective ways to do this using a product called tyre fill.

forklift tyre close up

What are the benefits?

Filling your pneumatic tyres with tyre fill is one of the best ways to flat proof them. In doing so, you'll enjoy the same performance benefits of a pneumatic tyre with the resilient qualities of a solid tyre.

The benefits of converting your pneumatic tyres to flat proof tyres include:

  • Less axle stress

  • No more flat tyres

  • Increased ballast

  • Greater vehicle stability

  • Excellent shock absorption

  • Reduced wheel slippage

When your pneumatic tyres are filled, you'll enjoy a softer ride with more control. Your modified flat proof tyres will help prevent equipment damage with reduced vibration. More importantly, your tyres will be puncture resistant.

How will it reduce tyre costs?

Converting your pneumatic tyres to flat proof forklift tyres can save your business thousands in forklift maintenance costs. Using tyre fill will eliminate the need to repair or replace tyres from punctures. There's no need to buy new tyres after every puncture.

With improved shock absorption, your forklifts will operate with less stress from daily work operations. So there's less of a chance your forklift will suffer any mechanical damage. It's just one way you can save on mechanical repairs for your forklift.

The addition of tyre fill can also improve your tyres' resistance to extreme temperatures. Filled pneumatic tyres can generally handle a wide ambient temperature range from - 40°C to +40°C. So if your forklift operates in extreme weather conditions, your tyres won't lose their integrity with tyre fill inside of them.

Who can flat-proof my tyres?

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When it comes to flat-proofing forklift tyres, you should always leave it to a professional. Here at Axis, our mobile tyre fitters have the skills and expertise to flat proof all types of pneumatic forklift tyres.

Using Polycoat Tyre Fill, our tyre fitters can effectively improve the quality and performance of your forklift's pneumatic tyres. Tyre fill is a great solution for increasing the tread life and reducing repair costs of your forklift tyres. So don't hesitate to ask the team at Axis Tyres the next time your tyres are due for a service.

Find a great cost-cutting solution for your forklift tyre maintenance, ask the experts at Axis Tyres today.